Visual Art Paper 1 ,May/June 2013  
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Write on the life of the Pre-historic man, with a focus on his:

(a) belief;

(b) art forms;

(c) medium of art.



This question was avoided by most of the candidates and the few that attempted it failed to obtain the available marks due to inappropriate responses. Some candidates linked the art of the pre-historic man to the belief in life after death which underlay ancient Egyptian art. In responding to the aspect on medium of art, some of the candidates mentioned modern materials such as oil and pastel paints, which were non-existent in pre-historic art. The following are some of the points expected from the candidates:

(a) Belief - the pre-historic man believed in sympathetic magic.
- Sympathetic magic is a belief that somebody or something can be affected supernaturally by an action taken on the image representing such a person or thing.
- he believed that deforming or piercing any part of the drawing of an animal will give him power to kill such an animal.

(b) Art Forms - Cave paintings/Drawings
- Rock engravings
- Miniature sculptures
- Leatherwork (for clothing)

(c) Medium - Animal fat
- Animal blood
- Animal skin
- earthen materials, e.g. clay, ores, animal dung, plant juice
- charcoal
- manganese
- Stones
flint and soft stone.
- bones.
- animal hair.
- sticks.

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