Visual Art Paper 1 ,May/June 2013  
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General Comments


(a) Explain the principle of art.

(b) State the importance of emphasis in a composition.

(c) Outline two ways in which an artist can create emphasis in a composition.



Although, this question attracted most of the candidates, but their responses were poor. They obviously lacked a proper understanding of the principles of art and its application, which is fundamental in the study of art and resultantly, they could not obtain the available marks. Candidates should have given the following responses to the question:

(a) - they are guides for a creative arrangement of the elements of art.
- they help artists in organising art elements in a way that hold interest and command attention.
- they include balance, unity, harmony, rhythm, emphasis, dominance, contrast, variety, etc.

(b) - it is used to focus viewer’s attention on the centre of interest.
- it helps the artist to control the length of viewer’s attention on each of the different parts of a composition.

(c) - it can be achieved by varying the sizes of art elements (forms, shapes, etc) in a composition in such a way that one of the elements becomes dominant.
- it can be achieved through the use of colour, for example the centre of interest can be painted in bright colour while other areas of the composition are painted in cool colours.
- it can also be achieved using values, such that the centre of interest is given a detailed modelling/shading while other areas of the composition are less detailed.
- it can be achieved using a different texture in the area to be emphasised.

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