Visual Art Paper 2 (Essay) May/June 2015

Question 1

  1. Who is an artist?
  2. Highlight with examples, four sources of inspiration for art.



This question attracted most of the candidates with different performance level. While some performed remarkably, many others performed unimpressively. Some of these candidates gave the advantages of art and the materials used in producing artwork. This made such candidates to lose some of the obtainable marks. Candidates should have given some of the following answers to the question:
(a)        - an artist is an individual who uses imagination and skill to
communicate ideas in visual form e.g. painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphics, etc.

(b) (i)         - Myths and Legends

Artists borrow ideas from works of literature, myths, legends
and folklores.

(ii)        - Imagination

Artists create illusions of reality from memory by drawing from
experiences, dreams and fantasies etc. e. g. a market scene.

(iii)       - Personal belief and feeling

Personal beliefs or feelings are also sources of ideas for artists. 
Such beliefs and feelings are sometimes expressed in variety of
ways.  For example, a joyful mood could be expressed with warm and vibrant colours etc.

(iv)       - Culture and tradition

Ideas for art are also inspired by culture and tradition. Artists draw inspirations from the various aspects of their culture.  Such inspirations could be in the form of adapted motifs (e.g. Adinkra, and Adire symbols of the Akan and Yoruba people respectively etc.) Inspirations for art could also be in the adaptation of forms e.g. masks’ forms

(v)        - Patronage 

Ideas from patrons through the commissioning of art works
e.g. commissioning an artist to do an art work.

(vi)       -Nature and natural phenomena

Inspiration may come from experiencing nature e.g. trees, rocks flowers and wildlife, games, sea and landscapes, etc.

(vii)      -Inspiration from other artists
Interest created by observing works of renowned artists. e. g.
Pablo Picasso, Aina Onabolu, etc.