Visual Art Paper 2 (Essay) May/June 2015

Question 7

  1. (a)        Define Classical Greek art.
    (b)        State four characteristics of Classical Greek sculpture.


In spite of the importance of Greek art to the development of art, this question was avoided by most of the candidates. Most of the few candidates that attempted it gave responses that were relevant for ancient Egyptian art. Such candidates could not get the obtainable marks. Candidates’ responses were expected to highlight some of the following points:

  • -           These were art works of the period of excellent and perfection in Greece.


  • Art of this period actually reached the highest development i.e. the arts showed the adventurous and imaginative spirit of the Greece.    

(b)        Characteristics

-           Sculpture was realistic and anatomically accurate.
-           Most of the works were produced in marble and stone.
-           Figures were delicately carved.
-           Figures had smooth skin.
-           Movement was introduced into sculpture compositions.
-           The works showed freedom of expression
-           Some of the figures were in contraposto, which gave balance and stability.
-           Drapery became lighter, finer, more realistic and ideal.
-           The women had soft round abdomens, full hips and legs with small breast.