Visual Art Paper 2 (Essay) May/June 2015

Question 4

  1. Write notes on Senufo art under the following:

    1. location;
    2. art forms;
    3. two functions;
    three characteristics


This question attracted very few candidates and most of them gave poor responses. Some candidates mixed up the functions and characteristics of Senufo art with those of the Nomoli figures. These inappropriate answers made such candidates to lose a major part of the obtainable marks. Candidates were expected to mention some of the following points:
(a)        Location

-           Ivory Coast/Cote D’Ivoire
-           Burkina Faso
-           Mali.                                                                                                

(b)        Art forms
-           Masks
-           figures
-           Brass /bronze works                                                                           

(c)        Functions       

-           They are used as objects of worship and rituals e.g.  Poro and Lo secret societies, sorcerers, etc
-           They are given as award to the winners of husbandry contest.
-           They are used to enhance the importance of dignitaries’ staffs.
-           Girls use them to achieve fertility.
-           They are used to decorate everyday objects such as chairs, tables, stools etc.

(d)       Characteristics

-           they have stylized hair-dresses with comb.
-           they have highly exaggerated pear-shaped heads.
-           their foreheads are pronounced and tapers on the chin.
-           the female figures have long, narrow flat breasts over a slender stomach.
-           the arms are long, thin and seem to be attached to the thighs.
-           the faces are mostly stylized.
-           the masks bear both animal and human motifs.