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Woodwork Paper 3, May/June . 2008  
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Question 4

(a)State two physical characteristics of each of the following West African timbers:

(b)State one specific use of each timber in 4(a).
(c)(i) State two methods of producing veneers.
(ii)Use a pictorial sketch to show one of the methods in (c)(i).
(iii)Label any two parts of the sketch in (c)(ii).


Most candidates were able to state:

-the physical characteristics of the West African timbers given;
-one specific use of each of the timbers.
However, majority of the candidates failed to draw the pictorial sketch of the method of producing veneers correctly.
The expected response to question 4 is as given below:

(a)Physical characteristics of West African timbers
-Light brown to reddish brown
-Fairly fine and even in texture
-Plain figure
-Machines well
-Retain shape when dry
-Works well in hand and machine operations
-Stains satisfactorily
-Polishes satisfactorily

-Dark red or reddish brown
-Interlocked grain
-Medium to coarse in texture
-Stains well
-Fairly stable when dry
-Glues well
-Screws well
-Takes nails well

-Yellowish brown to dark brown
-Interlocking grain
-Medium to coarse in texture
-Works well with machines
-Sawdust irritates nasal passage.

(b)Uses of West African Timbers
-Battery separators
-Laboratory furniture.

-Furniture construction
-Railway coaches
-Cabinet work

-Interior fittings
-Window frames
-Furniture construction
-Laboratory benches
-Boat building
-Drawing boards.

(c)(i)Methods of Producing Veneers
-Rotary cutting
(ii)Sketch to show one method of producing veneers


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