Woodwork Paper 3, May/June 2012  
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    (i)      State four clothing safety rules to be observed    in the workshop,

    (ii) State two causes of injury when using a chisel.

        (b) (i)      List four types of boring tools.

        (ii)Sketch one of the tools listed in (b) (i).

        (iii) Label two parts of the tool you have sketched in  (b) (ii).ss

Majority of the candidates were able to:
state causes of injury when using a chisel; list types of boring tools.
However, they were unable to:
sketch the boring tools correctly; label parts of the tools sketched.
The expected response to question 1 is as given below:

  1. (i)       Four clothing safety rules in the workshop:


Do not wear flowing gowns in the workshop.


Wear thick sole shoes with covered toe cap.


Tuck in your tie and roll up your sleeves.


Wear a shop apron/overall.


Remove wrist watch.


Keep long hair out of eyes and moving machines parts.

Causes of injury when using chisel:


Using dull chisel.


Using chisels with broken handles.


Using mushroom chisel.


Chiseling towards oneself.


Failure to hold the chisel in the correct position.


Passing edge of chisel to a fellow worker.



  1. Brace
  2. Plain brace
  3. Ratchet brace
  4. Gimlet
  5. Bradawl
  6. Bits:

Shell bits, Spoon bit, Nose bit, Nail bit, Twist bit, Dowel bit, Centre bit, Expansion bit, Dowel rounder, Countersinks, Forstener bit, Turnscrew or Screwdriver bit.

  1. Wood drill/drill
  2. Handled Auger
  3. Hand drill.

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