Woodwork Paper 3, May/June 2012  
Questions: 1 2 3 4 Main
General Comments


  1. Describe each of the following timber seasoning defects:
  2. spring;
  3. honeycomb;
  4. cup.
  5. Illustrate with a sketch any one of the defects listed in (a).
  6. (i) Sketch the back-flap hinge.

(ii)       State one   use of the back-flap hinge.
Few candidates were able to:

  1. describe the given timber seasoning defects;
  2. use sketch to illustrate the given timber defects.


However, majority of the candidates were unable to:
describe the timber seasoning defects;
sketch the back-flap hinge;
state the use of the back-flap hinge.
The expected response to question 2 is as given below:

(c)       (i)         Sketch   of               a back-flap hinge

Note: Accept line sketch or pictorial view.

(ii) One use of the back flap hinge

  1. Used for table flaps
Used for step ladders



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