Woodwork Paper 3, May/June 2013  
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General Comments

question 1

  1. State the specific use of each of the following hand tools:
  1. panel saw;
  2. compass saw;
  3. bullnose plane;
  4. slipstone.
  5. Name a safety device used when:


  1. turning;
  2. ripping on a circular saw;
  3. sweeping the workshop;
  4. grinding plane cutter.
  1. Name the portable power tool used for each of the following operations:
  2. drilling;
  3. crosscutting;
  4. sanding;
  5. grooving.


(d)       (i)         List two tools required for setting out a mortise and tenon joint.

            (ii)        State the specific use of each of the tools listed in 1(d)(i)

Most candidates were able to:

-           state the safety devices used when carrying out the given operations on machine;
-           list the portable power tools used in the given operations;
-           list the tools required for setting out a mortise and tenon joint;
-           state the specific uses of the tools listed.

However, they were unable to state the specific use of the given hand tools.

The expected response to question 1 is as given below:

(a)       (i)         -           Sawing thin timber across the grain;
                        -           Ripping tenons
                        -           Cutting plywood

            (ii)        -           Cutting large interior curves
                        -           Cutting large exterior curves
                        -           Straight internal cuts where the hand saw cannot be

              (iii)       -           Cleaning/level rebates
                          -           cleaning stopped chamfers.
              (iv)       -           Sharpening tools with curve cutting edges.

(b)         (i)         Goggle/eyeshield,  nosemask

              (ii)        Nose mask/push stick.

(c)         (i)         Power drill;
              (ii)        Power saw;
(iii)       Portable sanders (orbital, disc, belt, drum). 
(iv)       Portable router.

                        (ii)        Mortise gauge           -           Gauging mortises and tenons
                                                                        -           Marking two lines parallel to a face or an
                                                                        -           Gauging pins and sockets.

                                    Metric rule                  -           Measuring distances,

                                    Try Square                 -           Testing the squareness of material

  •       Marking lines at right angles to a given            surface.
  •       Checking if two edges are square to each       other.

Pencil                          -           Drawing/marking lines on a stock.

Marking knife             -           Marking lines across the grain (where shoulders are to be cut).

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