Woodwork Paper 3, May/June 2013  
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General Comments

question 3

  1. State where each of the following materials is best used:
  2. oil paints;
  3. varnish;
  4. lacquer;
  5. creosote.
  1. (i)         Sketch a round head woodscrew.

(ii)        Indicate the length of the screw in 3(b)(i).

Sketch the cross-section of a blockboard.

Most candidates were able to sketch the round head woodscrew.  However, they were unable to:

-           state where each of the given materials is best used;
-           indicate the length of the woodscrew drawn;
-           sketch the cross-section of a blockboard.

The expected response to question 3 is as given below:

(a)       (i)         Oil Paint          -           used on both internal and external work that may
                                                            come into contact with water and dirt.

            (ii)        Varnish           -           used on internal furniture that may come into
                                                            contact with heat.

            (iii)       Lacquer          -           used on internal furniture where the natural colour
                                                            and beauty are to be maintained.  

(iv)       Creosote        -           used only on the surfaces of external furniture
items, artifacts and structures that are prone to destruction by insects, fungi and weather.

-           used to preserve stock.


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