Air-Conditioning/Refrigeration , May/June 2014  
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Question 2



The sketch above shows a refrigeration cycle.

  1. Identify the type of refrigeration system.
  2. Identify the parts labelled P, Q, R, S and T.
  3. State the functions of the parts labelled P, Q, S and T.

This question was very difficult for the candidates as they could not provide the required responses to the various parts of the question.  The required responses are:

  1. vapour compression system.


  1. P is Compressor

Q is Condenser
R is Drier
S is Control valve/metering device
T is Evaporator.

  1. P is to suck in refrigerant, compresses the refrigerant and discharge the refrigerant.

Q is to reject the heat from the refrigerant and change the state of the refrigerant from vapour to liquid.
S is to regulates and meters the amount of refrigerant flowing into the evaporator.
T is to absorb heat from the products to be cooled and change the state of the refrigerant from liquid to vapour.

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