Applied Electricity 1, Nov/Dec 2010  
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General Comments

Question 2

AIM: To verify Kirchhoff's Voltage law

(a) Connect the circuit as shown in Fig.2.
(b) Ask the Supervisor to check the circuit connection.
(c) Copy Table 2 into your answer booklet.
                                             Table 2



V3 (V)

V1 + V2 (V)

(d)Close switch S.
(e)Set the power supply to 12 V.
(f) Read and record the values ofV1.V2andV3into Table 2.
(g) Evaluate V1 +V2+ V3
(h)Compare the result obtained in (g) witVs
((i) Based on (gL state the law that governs the result obtained in this experiment.


The candidates were required to:
 (i) connect the circuit as shown and obtain voltage readings;
(ii) compare the voltage sum across the load with the source voltage;
(in) state the law that governs the result obtained in the Experiment 2.
The expected answers were:

                                             Table 2


V1 (V)

V2 (V)

V3 (V)

V1+ V2 + V3 (V)






(g) V1+ V2 + V3 = 12.00 V
(h) On comparing the result obtained in (g) with Vs , the two are the same or V1 +V2+ V3 = Vs .
(i) The law that governs the result obtained in the experiment is Kirchhoff'sVoltage Law which states that the voltage applied to a close circuit equals the sum of the voltage drops in that circuit.
The candidates undertook the task that was the opposite of that which they did in Experiment 1 by connecting the loads in parallel. However, most of the readings were not correct due to their inability to read correctly the measuring instruments, which took a toll on the table obtained for the experiment.

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