Biology Paper 2,May/Jun 2014  
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General Comments


The observed weaknesses are as follows:

  • inability to draw villus properly;
  •  inability to draw the villus to scale;
  • inability to spell the technical terms correctly e.g. Eugolena, Euglina for Euglena;
  •  inability to perform simple calculations;
  • inability to state the process of digestion of boiled fish;
  • inability to number the questions being answered correctly;
  • poor use of English and use of vernacular;
  • poor crossing of the genetic expression;
  • inability to differentiate between parasitic plants and saprophytes;
  • poor representation of tabulation;
  • inability to give good definitions of elimination and secretion;
  • writing the same answers with almost the same errors.

            The following solutions were proffered to overcome these weaknesses;
            -     teachers should teach students how to draw and to scale too;
            -     students should be taught how to answer questions correctly;
            -     all the aspects of the syllabus should be touched by the teacher and students;
            -     students should improve on their written English;
            -     students should read and understand a question properly before attempting it;
            -     students should be encouraged to write letters f, g, r, l, t, h properly.


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