Biology Paper 2 WASSCE (PC), 2016

Candidates Weakness


The observed weaknesses of the candidates this year include:

  • wrong spelling of biological names and terms;
  • non-adherence to rubrics e.g. by answering all the questions including those not for their country;
  • poor performance in questions relating to ecology and microorganisms;
  • inability to express themselves vividly in writing answers to essay questions;
  • inability to explain how soil water gets to the leaves of a plant in question 1(a);
  • inability to describe the role of the pancreatic juice in the digestion of carbohydrates and proteins in mammals in question 2(b).


The following remedies were proffered to overcome these weaknesses:

  • - candidates should endeavour to cover all the aspects of the syllabus before taking the examination;
  • candidates should improve on their written English;
  • candidates should read and understand a question properly before attempting it;
  • candidates should study past questions and Chief Examiner’s Report;
  • candidates should learn the correct spelling of names of microorganisms;
  • the general principles and terms used in Biology should be studied with practical examples.