Building Construction Paper 2,Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments

Question 5
(a)(i) List two types of wall finishes suitable for a bathroom.
(ii) State two qualities of each of the finishes listed in 5 (a) (i).
(b)State one function of each of the following:
(i)septic tank;
(ii)soakaway pit.
( c)Sketch a section through a soakaway pit and label the following parts:
(i)inlet pipe;
(ii) cover slab.

Most candidates were able to:
list types of wall finishes suitable for a bathroom;
state the qualities of the wall finishes listed.
However, majority of the candidates were unable to:
state the function of septic tank and soakaway pit;
sketch the section through a soakaway pit
label the given parts of a soakaway pit.
The expected response to question 5 is as given below:
(a)(i) Types of wall finishes suitable for a bathroom
cement-sand render
ceramic tiles
terrazzo tiles
(ii) Qualities of Finishes
The desirable qualities of finishes are that they should:
be rigid and strong;
be easy to clean;
be wear-resistance;
be impermeable to water;
be noise-free;
have a pleasing appearance;
be durable.

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