building construction Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 4

a)   Sate one measure to be taken in preventing each of the following in a suspended timber ground floor construction:
  • fire spread;
  • decay of timbers;
  • insects attack.
  •       b)   List five materials used in the construction of a staircase.
    c)   State one function of each of the following in door construction.

  • fanlight;
  • transome.
  • Observation

    Most of the candidates were able to:

    • state the use of fire repellents chemicals in preventing fire spread;
    • list the materials used in construction of a staircase;
    • state the functions of fanlight and transom.

    However, the candidates failed to:

    • State the measure to be taken in preventing decay of timber and insects attack.

    The expected response to question 4 is as given below:


    • Measures to be taken in preventing each of the following:
    • Fire spread:
    • treat the timber members with fire resistance chemical;
    • cover  timber members with combustible materials;
    • sleeper wall should be solid in one direction.
    • Decay of timber members:-
    • damproof course should be introduced to prevent ground moisture reaching any timber;
    • there should be a vent brick/blocks for adequate ventilation;
    • treat surfaces of members with water repellent materials/chemicals/oil based.
    • Insect attack:-
    • should be treated with fungicide/preservatives;
    • should be well seasoned.


    • Materials used in the construction of staircase:
    • timber/wood/bamboo;
    • stones;
    • concrete;
    • metals such as steel bars, alluminium, cast iron, brass, bronze;
    • plastics;
    • glass.
    • One function of each of the following:
    • Fanlight -    
    • to permit borrowed light/allow borrowed light;
    • to permit daylight into the room;
    • to permit/allow ventilation into the room.
    • Transome –
    • It is the part that separates the fanlight from the door sash;
    • It is he horizontal piece that separates the fixed from the moving parts of the door;
    • It is a member across the top of door.