Chemistry Paper 2 (Essay) ,May/June 2010  
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General Comments


(1) The performance of candidates was affected by the following exhibited weaknesses:
(a) non-adherence to rubrics;
(b) illegible handwritings;
(c) lack of understanding of the demands of the questions;
(d) rampant spelling mistakes and poor communication;
(e) poor mathematical/manipulative skills;
(f) poor study habits;
(g) inability to correctly distinguish between dative bond and covalent bond;
(h) inability to explain why sugar and common salt do not conduct electricity in the solid state;
(i) poor knowledge of the concept of electrolysis;
(j) poor understanding of the periodic table;
(k) inability to correctly solve the calculation on solubility;
(1) Inability to balance chemical equation

These weaknesses were attributed to lack of relevant textbooks, inadequate preparation for examination and non-familiarization with the prescribed examination syllabus.

(2)          The following remedies were however suggested to overcoming the highlighted remedies
(a) Candidates should:
                                 (i)           adhere to rubrics;
                                 (ii)          write legibly;
                                 (iii)         be conversant with prescribed examination syllabus;
                                 (iv)         improve their mathematical/manipulative and communication skills;
                                 (v)           acquire relevant text materials and visit libraries;
                                 (vi)          improve study/reading habits;
                                 (vii) prepare adequately for examination.
(b) School Authority/Government should:
                                 (i)              recruit qualified teachers;
                                 (ii)             adequately remunerate teachers;
                                 (iii)            stock the schoollibrary(ies) with relevant text materials;
                                 (iv)            adequately stock the laboratories;
                                 (v)             encourage teachers by means of sponsorship to attend trainings and
                                                  workshop that will expose them to know frontiers of knowledge.

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