Chemistry Paper 2 WASSCE (PC), 2017



The candidates showed weaknesses in the following areas;

Candidate could not

- define the term pH;
- explain standard hydrogen electrode correctly;
- state why diamond is a non-conductor of electricity;
- explain why sodium metal conducts electricity both in the solid and molten states;
- explain why most covalent compounds are gases or liquids whereas ionic compounds are solids at room temperature;
- state the law of conservation of matter correctly;
- name suitable solvents for some chemical substances;
- Identify functional groups in organic compounds


The following remedies were however suggested:

Candidates should:

- use appropriate technical terms to explain concepts;
- be familiar with functional groups in organic compounds;
- understand the demands of the questions before responding to them;
- adhere strictly to rubrics;
- be familiar with the examination syllabus.