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Question 5

Question 5:     (a) What is drug abuse?
                        (b) Highlight six ways by which drug abuse can be curbed in the society.
This was another popular question. All the candidates who attempted it performed creditably well and scored high marks. Nevertheless, in the (b) part, a good number of candidates based their answers on corrective use of drugs rather than ways of curbing drug abuse. Candidates were expected to provide the following answers to the question: 


  • Drug abuse refers to the use of drugs through self-medication or without due medical prescription and administration. It is the indiscriminate use of any drug i.e., it is the misuse or improper way of using drug.
  • Drug abuse could also be defined as the use of illicit or hard drugs e.g. marijuana (Indian hemp), heroine, morphine and so on.


  •        Establishment of drug control agencies e.g. National Drug Law Enforcement

Agency (NDLEA), National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and   
Control (NAFDAC) and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

  •       Access to hard drugs should be controlled by those in authority.
  •        Proper family upbringing should be encouraged so as to curtail undue influence

on children.

  •       Youths should be taught moral and religious principles.
  •       Youths should be encouraged to resist negative peer pressure.
  •        Good knowledge of drugs by individuals and the public should be encouraged.
  • Stiff penalty should be applied for drug related offences.
  • There should be effective counseling services for youths on drug related matters.
  •       Life coping skills should be provided for youths to enable them deal with


  •       Media campaign against drug abuse should be intensified.
  •        Exemplary lifestyles by parents/guardians and other adults should be encouraged.
  • Selected and recognised outlets for the sale of drugs should be controlled.
  • Celebrities (musicians/entertainers/actors/footballers and so on) as role models

should be in the forefront of anti-drug campaigns.

  • The school, through its teaching and learning programmes, should address issues

                   concerning drug abuse.

  •  NGOs such as African Council on Narcotics (ACON) and Christ Against Drug   

       Abuse Mission (CADAM) can assist in curbing drug abuse through intensive
       campaigns, grassroots mobilization and securing international sponsorship and   
      support for rehabilitation purposes.

  • Creation of job opportunities.
  • Punishment for illicit drug vendors and barons.
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