Civic Education Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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Question 9

Question 9:     (a) Define the term ‘political participation’.
                        (b) State six reasons for popular participation in the society
This was another popular and straight forward question. All the candidates who attempted it performed creditably well. Nevertheless, in the (b) part, a great number of candidates could not give the reasons for popular participation. Candidates were expected to provide the following answers to the question:  

  1. popular participation refers to the active involvement of citizens in the socio-political activities  of a country.
  2. It is a process of involving the citizens in the governance of their country and in deciding important socio-cultural, political and economic matters.
  3.  It also refers to the procedure of involving majority of the citizens of a country in the decision making processes, especially on issues that affect the welfare of the generality of the populace. 

                        The reasons for popular participation in the society are to:

  1.     promote political awareness and education.
  2.     foster political stability.
  3.     promote self fulfillment/satisfaction.
  4.     enhance development.
  5.      institutionalize responsive and responsible government.
  6.      promote popular consciousness.
  7.      create greater opportunities for citizens.
  8.      enhance confidence of the people to hold government accountable.
  9.      improve the quality of governance.
  10.      influence the direction of government policies.
  11.      ensure the legitimacy of government.
  12.      enhance collective effort in the development of the political system.
  13.      promote a sense of belonging among the people.
  14.      carry everybody along in the process of development.
  15.      ensure equity in the allocation of societal resources.
  16.     enable people to gain socio-economic and political power.





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