Clothing and Textiles Paper 2, Nov/Dec.2010  
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General Comments
Question 4

(a)List four types of openings suitable for a blouse
(b)Suggest two suitable fastenings for each of the openings mentioned in (a) above.
(c)State four rules for attaching fastenings
(d)With the aid of diagrams, explain two variations of a decorative faced opening.




he performance of the candidates on this question was poor.
The required answers to the questions are as follows:
4 (a) Types of opening suitable for a blouse
Wrap opening
Faced opening/faced slit opening
Zipper opening
Continuous wrap/continuous strip opening
Box pleat opening
Hem opening.
Bound opening.
(b)Suitable fastenings for the following openings

(c)        Rules for attaching fastenings
1. For strength, the fastening must be sewn on double fabric.
2. Unless the fastening is to be decorative, it must be as inconspicuous as possible.
3. Particular care and attention must be given to detail, accurate stitching and positioning of the fastening.
4. The number of fastening must be enough to prevent gaping.
5. Colour must match or contrast favourably .
6. Correct type of fastening should be used.
7. The stitches must be securely fastened on and off.

(d)Decorative ways offmishing a faced opening
Turning facing to right side.
Working rows of machine stitches on the right side.
Using contrasting colour of facing on the right side.
Shaping outer edge of facing on right side e.g. scalloped edge.
Using decorative fasteners e.g. rouleau loop.
Using rows of decorative stitches.
Attaching trimmings e.g. lace, rig-rac, braids, etc at the outer edge ofthe facing.

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