Commerce Paper 2, May/June 2012  
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General Comments

question 8

    1. Explain the following documents used in international trade:

        • Indent;
        • Bill of lading;
        • Consular invoice;
        • Certificate of origin;
        • Bill of exchange;


This question was well attempted by the candidates. But some of the candidates could not properly explain some of the documents like:
Indent:    A document which allows the   importer to order goods from the exporter through his agent. Indent can be closed or opened. A closed indent restricts the agent to a named manufacturer from whom the goods must be bought while an open indent gives the agent a free hand in obtaining the goods from any source.
Consular invoice:  A consular invoice is prepared by the exporter and signed by the consular of the importing country to vouch for the correctness of the prices stated on the invoice. The document is used to calculate duties payable to the custom authority. It is used to prevent the importer from cheating the country on import duties.

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