Computer Studies Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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Question 3

Question 3
(a)        (i)         Define Information and Communication Technology
(ii)        State three uses of Information and Communication Technology in the banking sector.
(b)        State the full meaning of the following:
            (i)         LAN;
            (ii)        GPS;
            (iii)       IP.

The expected answers were:
3.(a)(i) Information and Communication Technology is the convergence and use of digital and communication technologies for the purpose of manipulating, transmitting, storing, accessing and retrieving information.
                  (ii)            Three uses of ICT in the banking sector   
                      Online banking                                                            e-receipt
                      e-payment                                                        e-statement
                      ATM card                                                        communication
                      Mobile banking                                                            Monitoring of daily activities
                      Data storage and retrieval                                Fund transfer
                      e-transact                                                         Sharing of resources

           (b)       LAN    -           Local Area Network
                      GPS     -           Global Positioning System
                      IP         -           Internet Protocol
             The question was on Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It was popular     with the candidates but greeted with some inability to define ICT and stating correctly the acronyms . The candidates’ performance was reported to be average.




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