Computer Studies Paper 3, May/June 2015

Candidates' Weakness

The Chief Examiner reported that the candidates’ weakness was mainly on the use of wrong application to answer the question on database.  Many candidates also complained that their schools could not provide the Computer Systems needed for the practical work. There was also a problem of candidates failing to input data correctly. No specification was given on the type of database software to be used for the question on database. Most of the candidates still lack basic Computer skills.


The following are some of the remedies suggested:

  1. Schools should provide adequate hardware (such as Computer system and printers) for the practical examination.
  2. The Examination Council is enjoined to always write to schools informing them the minimum specifications (hardware and software) needed for the examination and on time too.
  3. There should be sufficient practical classes for candidates before the examination.
  4. Candidates are encouraged to be specific in answering questions.