Dyeing & Bleaching Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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Question 3

QUESTION 3                                                                                                           
            (a)        List six materials that can be used as a protection during waxing and dyeing
            (b)        What are the functions of any three listed in 3(a) above?
            The question was popular among the candidates and most of the candidates performed     very well in this question.  The following points was given by the            candidates to obtained            the maximum marks:
            Nose mask/guard, Apron/Overall, Rain boot, Petroleum jelly, Cold water,
            Mouth mask/guard, Safety glasses/Sun shade, Rubber gloves/Hand gloves,                 

  1. (i)         Rubber/Hand gloves

            -           to protect the chemicals from injuring the hands
            -           used for stirring/turning fabric during dyeing.
            -           used to remove fabric from dye solution.
                        (ii)        Nose mask/guard
                                    -           to avoid inhaling of chemicals           

                        (iii)       Safety glasses/Sun shade
                                    -           to prevent dye or chemical from contact with the eyes

                        (iv)       Apron/Overall
                                    -           to prevent hot wax from splashing on the body or cloth
                                    -           to prevent stains from the dyer/artist’s clothes.
                        (v)        Rain boot
                                    -           to prevent chemicals from contact with the legs.
                                    -           to prevent electric shock resulting from faulty appliances.
                        (vi)       Petroleum jelly
                                    -           to serve as a first aid in case of burns.
                                    -           to lubricate the hands.

                        (vii)      Cold water
                                    -           it can be used to wash chemical or dye that poured on the body.

                        (viii)     Mouth mask/guard
      -           to prevent dye and chemical from having contact with the                                 mouth.                        
      -           to prevent the inhaling of chemicals through the mouth




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