Economics Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2011  
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General Commsents
Question 9

(a)        Explain any three contributions of the agricultural sector to the economy of your country.
(b)        Outline any two constraints on agricultural production in your country.


A good number of candidates answered this question.  Candidates’ performance in this
question was above average.  However, few candidates merely listed their points which
obviously made them to score low marks.

The candidates were expected to explain the following points to score the maximum
 marks in this question.

  1. Some contributions of the agricultural sector are –
  2. (i)         provision of food;
    (ii)        supplies raw materials;
    (iii)       contributes to government revenue;
    (iv)       market for industrial output;
    (v)        contributes to GDP.

  3. Some constraints on agricultural production are

(i)         pests and diseases;
(ii)        inadequate credit facilities;
(iii)       use of rudimentary equipment;
(iv)       land tenure system.

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