Economics Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2019

Candidate's Weakness and Remedies



        (i)    Poor graphical analysis

    Quite a good number of candidates showed great deficiency in the application of graphical representations to economic analysis.This weakness resulted in poor performance in questions where such analyses were required.

            (ii)  The use of wrong terminologies

    Some of the candidates failed to use the correct economic terminologies in providing answers to the questions they attempted.  This made it difficult for them to put forward their points which obviously resulted in poor scores.

            (iii)   Failure to expatiate points

A reasonable number of candidates only identified points but did not go further to explain these points to earn maximum marks.


  1. Candidates need to pay more attention to graphic analysis in Economics.Teachers should emphasize this aspect in their teaching since it is very necessary   for the candidates to understand it in order for them to perform well in the subject.
  2. Candidate should acquaint themselves with basic economic terms.These terms are necessary in their expression when answering questions in Economics.

  4. Candidates should be encouraged by their teachers to always expatiate on their points as this is the only way they can earn good scores in the examination.