Edo Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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Question 1

Question 1    -           Ekonpozision

Gben ese ne o ma rhioo see iyisen eha yaan okpa vbe avbe inota na.
(a)       Gben ebe gie otuen nodion ne o rre Eko ne o rri igho gue ya de ukpon esuku ovbehe.
(b)       Ugho ne a gbe o mase Eki ne a do.
(d)       Gben yan ugie izomo ne u yo kieke.
(e)       okoponmwese o re o we ne a ru iren ovbehe.
(?)       Esuku mwe.



(a)       An informal letter to an elder brother based in Lagos requesting for money to purchase a new school uniform. Candidates’ performance was average

(b)       This is an argumentative essay on: Farming being more profitable than trading. Candidates limited their points to one part instead of mentioning the pros and cons of farming/trading, thereby limiting their scores to 50%.

(d)       A narrative essay on a naming ceremony I attended recently. Candidates performed brilliantly.

(e)       This is an expository essay on the topic: “He who is appreciative deserves another good turn”. Candidates that attempted this question performed poorly.

(?)       A descriptive essay on candidates’ school. Candidates performed very well. 

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