English Language Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2013  
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General Comments

Candidates' weakness/remedies


The weaknesses observed include:

  1. wrong tenses;
  2. wrong number(singular and plural);
  3. lack of familiarity with the written word;
  4. inability to re-state in the candidate’s own words, ideas contained in a passage;
  5. ignorance of the parts of speech of the English Language;
  6. ignorance of common literary terms;
  7. poor knowledge  of functions of clauses;
  8. indiscriminate lifting of portions of the set passages as answers
  9. use of text message abbreviations “u” for “you”, “c” for “see”, etc.


  •  Candidates should learn the basic grammatical structures of English Language.
  • Candidates should inculcate the habit of reading widely with a view to improving their vocabulary.
  • Candidates should practice essay writing regularly.
  • Candidates should understand the demands of questions before answering them.
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