English Language Paper 1, May/June 2013  
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General Comments

Question 1

Your school fees have been increased astronomically and your father has threatened to transfer you to another school. Write a letter to him giving, at least, three reasons why you would like to remain in your present school.


The candidate is required to write a letter to his father, who has threatened to transfer him to another school because of the astronomical increase in his school fees, giving him reasons why he would like to remain in his present school. The candidate’s reasons are expected to be convincing enough to dissuade his father from taking such a decision.

This was the most popular question and many candidates who attempted it handled it quite well, as the reasons they gave – the merits of their present schools in academics, sports and discipline -  were weighty enough to convince the reader.  However, some dwelt largely on unimportant matters such as the beautiful surroundings of their present schools and the friendships they will lose by leaving.

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