English Paper 2 Nov/Dec 2015

Candidates’ Weaknesses and Suggested Remedies



     These include:

  1. writing of essays that fell short of the required length;
  2. wrong use of tenses and number;
  3. inability to construct meaningful sentences;
  4. providing answers that have no relationship to the questions;
  5. ignorance of common literary terms;
  6. ignorance of functions of clauses and phrases;
  7. mindless lifting of portions of the passage as answers;
  8. inability to re-state in the candidate’s own words, ideas contained in a passage.



    1.  Candidates should learn the basic grammatical structures of English Language.
    2. Candidates should acquaint themselves with the techniques of answering questions.
    3. Candidates should inculcate the habit of reading widely with a view to improving their vocabulary.
    4. Candidates should practice essay writing regularly.
    5. Candidates should understand the demands of questions before answering them.
    6. Candidates should make effort to converse regularly in simple, correct English.