English Paper 2 WASSCE (PC), 2018

Candidate's Weakness

The weaknesses observed include:

  1. poor paragraphing;
  2. poor expression as a result of wrong concord, poor punctuation marks, wrong use of tenses, poor use of prepositions and articles;
  3. failure to grasp the requirements and demands of some questions attempted;
  4. inability to construct simple and correct sentences;
  5. wrong use of the first person pronoun “I”;
  6. writing below the required number of words on the essay topics;
  7. illegible handwriting;
  8. spelling errors;
  9. poor knowledge of the basic rules of English grammar;
  10. mindless lifting of answers from the passage;
  11. use of text message abbreviations such as “u” for “you”, “d” for “the”, “ur” for “your” etc.

Suggested Remedies



    Candidates should:


    1. endeavour to improve on their vocabulary and grammar in English Language through extensive reading;
    2. take time to understand the demands of questions before attempting to answer them;
    3. draw up an outline to organise their thoughts before writing their essays;
    4. read through their works to correct spelling and grammatical mistakes before submitting their scripts;
    5. practise essay writing constantly;
    6. converse regularly using simple and correct English expressions;