English Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2019

Question 3


A friend of yours was involved in a fight that took place in school and has been expelled by the school authorities. In a letter to your Principal, give an account of the fight, and why you think your friend should not have been expelled.



The question requires that the candidate writes a letter to the Principal of his/her school giving an account of a fight that took place in the school in which his/her friend was involved. He/she is expected to give reasons why his/her friend should not have been expelled.
A few candidates chose this question and they were able to correctly set out the formal features of a formal letter. Some of them didn’t mention their friend’s name throughout the letter. Many failed to provide a graphic presentation that would lead to the unfair expulsion of their friend rather they were too quick to exonerate the “friend” and count him innocent. However, a few of them made an appeal to the Principal to recall their friend which was to their credit.