Food and Nutrition 2, Nov/Dec.2010  
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Question 1

(a) State two values of each of the following in one's diet:
(i) fresh fruits;
(ii) milk;
(iii) fish;
(iv) com
(b) List four dishes that can be made from anyone of the ingredients in (a)



The (a) part of the question which was the values of fresh fruits, milk, fish and com was well answered by majority of the candidates that attempted the question. While the part (b) was muddled up as they gave answers to all and not just one of the ingredients.
Fresh Fruits: - for health purposes
provide some amount of carbohydrates
provide vitamins
aid digestion/serve as mild laxative
used for garnishing
provide mineral salts
supply fluid in the diet
provide texture
provide variety
The candidates were expected to answer the question as follows:
(a) Values of the following in One's Diet
(i) Milk: - provides nutrients e.g. protein, mineral salts, Carbohydrate, vitamins, fat
used in invalid and convalescent cookery
provides liquid in diet
used in variety of ways
used in infant feeding
(ii) Fish: good for invalid and convalescent cookery
rich in protein, iodine, calcium, fats and oil
provides variety in meals
used in variety of ways
useful alternative to meat
(iii) Com: - provides carbohydrate i.e. good source of energy
can be made into variety of dishes
provides oil
used with legumes to complement protein value
(b) Dishes Made from the Above Dishes
(i) Fresh fruits: fruit drinks, fruit salad, jam marmalade, fruit tartlets, fruit flan, fruit surprise, fruit upside down, fruit kebabs, fruit fool, stewed fruits, fruits in custard, fruit punch, fruit rolls, fruit candies, fruit cubes, moulds, soup.
(ii) Milk: egg flip, eggnog, milk shakes, puddings, custards, beverages, ice-cream, pancakes, toad-in-a-hole, jellies, junkets, moulds, soup.
(iii) Fish: soups, stews, grilled, baked, fish cake, fish roll, fish balls, fish pies, fish pastries, salads, fish kebabs,
fried fish, kedgeree, fish sandwiches.
(iv) Com: agidi, banku, kenkey, porridge/pap, boiled, roasted, grilled ukpo-oka, adalu, Aadun, elekute, sapala/abari, nnioka, tuwo, popcorn, igbagwaoka, kpokpoi, ewokple, kaawuku, bread, monsa, banfobese, abolo.

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