Food and Nutrition 2, Nov/Dec.2010  
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Question 2

(a) List the two major classes of kitchen equipment.
(b) (i)Name four kitchen equipment
(ii)State one function of each of the kitchen equipment named in (b) (i).



This question which was on classes of kitchen equipment, their functions and steps for thorough cleaning of an aluminium saucepan was the candidates' strength. Though many gave daily cleaning of the aluminimum saucepan but without the use of abrasive steel wool which made their answer to be incomplete.
The answers to the question are:
(a) (i) Major Classes of Kitchen Equipment
small equipment/minor equipment
large equipment/major equipment/industrial equipment
labour saving devices
(b)(i)and(ii) Functions of kitchen equipment

(c) Cleaning of an alwninum saucepan
Empty saucepan of all food
Rinse saucepan of all food residue with warm water
Clean thoroughly with fine steel wool and soap or with sifted wood ash and sponge or fine sand and lime/lemon
Rinse saucepan in clean water.
Wash saucepan in warm soapy water and rinse. Wipe saucepan dry.

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