Food and Nutrition 2, Nov/Dec.2010  
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Question 3

(a) (i)Defme a batter.
(ii)State two uses of a batter.
(b) (i) List four ingredients used in making cake.
(ii)Name four types of cake that can be made by the creaming method.
(c) State two general characteristics of a good cake.



Many candidates misunderstood the meaning of batter which was the (a) part of the question and gave answer as trade by batter so they performed badly. The partes) (b) and (c) were the candidates' strengths because they were able to list the ingredients for cake making and characteristics of a good cake.
The answers to the question are:
(a)(i) A batter is a mixture of flour and milk/liquid beaten together to form a smooth product.
A batter is a mixture of flour and liquid (and sometimes egg).
(ii) Use of a Batter
for coating
for puddings
for pancakes
for binding
(b) (i) Main Ingredients Used In Making Cake
flour, fat, sugar, eggs and a leaving agent
(ii) Cake Made by Creaming Method
Chocolate cake
Queen cakes
Victoria sandwich
Fruit cake
Butterfly cakes
Coconut cakes
Madeira cake
(c) Characteristics of Good Cakes
Cake may be almost flat on top
The crust is soft, golden brown in colour with no sugar crystals.
The cake must be light in texture/spongy
The cake should hold its shape
Cake must be tender
The cake must have a pleasing flavour

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