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Question 4

(a) (i) Differentiate between an advertising agent and a consumer.
(ii) State three benefits of advertising to the consumer.
(b) List five characteristics of a good consumer



The (a) part of this question was well tackled. Many of the candidates who attempted the question got the differences right and well as the benefits of advertising to the consumer. A lot of the candidates could not give characteristics of a good consumer; some gave neatness, polite, faithful for characteristics.
The candidates were expected to answer as follow:
Difference between Advertising Agent and Consumer
(ai) An advertising agent is a person/a group of people/a company that helps either the manufacturer or distributor to inform the consumer or general public about:
(i) What goods and services are on the market to purchase
(ii) Where the goods and services can be obtained
(iii) The uses and prices of goods and services.
The consumer is the person who buys and uses goods and services to satisfy needs and wants. The consumer is the final users of goods and services.
(ii) Benefits of advertising to the consumer
It helps the consumer to know which goods and services are on the market.
The consumer is able to know where to purchase goods.
It helps the consumer to compare prices and quality of other brands in order to make informed choices.
Advertising sometimes helps the consumer to know how to use the goods.
(bi) Characteristics of a good consumer
Must be able to make informed choices/be selective about choices - not buying brands, but paying for quality goods.
Must be able to read and understand instructions and other information on purchases.
Must be able to ask question on goods purchased
Must know his/her rights and responsibilities as a consumer.
Must be able to have a good bargaining power.
Must be able to do comparative shopping before purchasing.
Must be able to take advantage of warranties, discounts, and sales without buying inferior quality goods.
Must be somebody who does impulse buying only to her advantage.

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