Food and Nutrition 2, Nov/Dec.2010  
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Question 5

(a) State three advantages and three disadvantages of the traditional way of serving food.
(b) List six traditional dishes and two traditional drinks served in your locality on special occasions.



This question was another candidates' strength, the question was so popular among the candidates because they were able to answer the question very well.
The answers to the question are as follows:
(a) Advantages of traditional serving offood
(i) It is simple
(ii) It is cheap
(iii) Few bowls or plates are used to serve
(iv) It encourages unity
(v) It encourages good eating habits
(vi) No part of the meal is wasted
Disadvantages of traditional serving of food
(i) It is not hygienic
(ii) It can be a source of infection
(iii) Slow eaters/children might not get enough food to eat
(iv) Children cannot learn table manners
(v) Old one can bully younger ones
(vi) It may encourage cheating
(vii) It encourages quarrels

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