Food and Nutrition 2, Nov/Dec.2010  
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Question 6

(a) (i) State three major sources of obtaining information on typical Indigenous dishes.
(ii) List two examples of any of the sources stated in (a) (i)
(b) Explain three reasons why new recipes are collected.



This question which was on experimental cookery was not popular at all among the candidates. Many andidates too major sources for examples and could not answer (a(ii) which was on examples of the sources. The (b) part of the question was fairly handled because a good number of candidates were able to explain properly the reasons why new recipes are collected.
The expected answers to this question are as follows:
(a) Major sources of obtaining information
1. People from different walk of life e.g.
(i) market women
(ii) traders
(iii) drivers/travelers
(iv) hospital staff
(v) School children
(vi) Junior staff in establishment
2. Hotels, restaurants, canteens
3. Electronic media e.g. T.V., internet
4. Print media e.g. bill boards, newspaper magazines
5. Research e.g. questionnaire, interviews, participation, observation
(iii) Two examples of any of the sources
Examples from Nos 1,3,4 and above
(b) Reasons for collecting new Recipes
(i) To improve upon existing recipes e.g. nutritive value, palatability, appearance
(ii) To add to information on existing recipes
(iii) To bring variety into meals
(iv) To create awareness for lesser known food items
(v) To identify substitutes to existing ingredients for particular dishes.

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