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Question 6

  • (a)      Name and describe two forms of advertisement.

    (b)     List six types of advertisement.

    (c)      State three advantages of market survey.




It was only the ‘b’ and ‘c’ parts of the question that were answered correctly by the candidates.  Many of the candidates were unable to state forms of advertisement correctly.

The expected answers to the question are:

(i)      INFORMATIVE:- is designed to create awareness to the public about the existence of particular goods or services, their quality, quantity and  prices .
(ii)      PERSUASIVE:- is designed to convince/lure the public  to buy advertised commodity.
 (iii)    COMPETITIVE:- its main purpose is to increase sales of a  particular commodity at the expense of similar products.

          (b)     TYPES OF ADVERTISEMENT
                   - newspapers          - magazines            - journals      - radio
                   - television             - leaflets/flyers        - posters       - billboards
                   - internet               - signs on vehicles   - hawking
                   - entertainment ( music, dancing)                                                


  1. It helps to identify the places or markets/shops where specific goods are cheaper.
  2. It gives an idea of the periods of the year/season when specific items are abundant and cheaper.
  1. It helps consumer to compare qualities and quantities of different brands of the same goods.
  1. It saves the consumer’s time and energy.
    1. It saves money.
    1. It helps the consumer adhere to his/her budget.
      1. It helps the consumer to be aware of new products in the market.

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