Further Mathematics Paper 2, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments

The chief examiner stated that candidates' responses suggested that majority of the candidates did not adequately prepare for the examination. Questions on some areas of the syllabus were either poorly attempted by candidates or were not attempted at all by them. These areas . include:
Conditional Probability
Conic Sections
Teachers are encouraged to put in more effort in the weak areas of the syllabus such as the ones highlighted above.
Candidates are encouraged to adequately cover the examination syllabus while preparing for the examination.
Schools are encouraged to employ qualified mathematics teachers to teach the subject as well as provide necessary teaching aid to help demystify the subject.
Candidates are advised to study each question very well before attempting it so as to understand the demands of the question.
Candidates are encouraged to avail themselves of past question papers while preparing for the examination.

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