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Geography Paper 1 , Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Question 3

Study the climatic data for station A below and answer the questions that follow.

Month J F M A M J J A S O N D
Temperature(oc) 25 17 31 33 33 30 28 27 27 30 29 26
Rainfall(mm) 0 3 15 20 74 125 213 264 143 25 0 0

(a) plot a combined bar and line graph to represent the climatic data given above.

(b) Calculate for the station the:

  • annual rainfall;
  • mean annual temperature.
(c) Suggest the type of climate in station A.


Few candidates attempted this question and the performance of those who attempted it was just fair.  Many of those who attempted it could not correctly plot the combined temperature and rainfall graph for the station.  Quite a good number of the candidates who attempted the question could not correctly calculate the annual rainfall.

Annual rainfall = sum of the rainfall for all the twelve month

Mean annual temperature = Jθ + Fθ + Mθ +…+ Dθ

Where     Jθ is mean temperature for January
               Fθ  is mean temperature for February, etc.

Many of the candidates could not correctly deduce that the rainfall and temperature distribution shown in the station represented that of the Tropical Continental Climate.

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