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Geography Paper 1 , Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Question 5

(a) Explain the effects of the following factors on the temperature of a place:

  • latitude;
  • continentality.
(b) With the aid of a diagram, explain the formation of relief rainfall


This question was fairly popular among the candidates.  Many of the candidates who attempted the question could not answer the (a) part of the question well.  The expected answers on the effect of latitude on the temperature of a place are:

  • temperature decreases from the Equator to the polar regions 
  • the earth is inclined at an angle of 66½ o
  • this inclination causes the sun’s rays to strike the surface at an angle of close to 90 o at the Equatorial regions
  • heating is concentrated at the equator
  • in the temperate and polar regions the rays strike  obliquely
  • sun’s  energy is dispersed and reduced
  • the sun’s rays pass through a greater thickness of atmosphere in temperate and polar regions
  • sun’s energy is therefore dissipated and temperature lowers in the temperate and polar regions.

The effects of continentality on the temperature of a place are:

  • the sea has a moderating influence on the temperature of maritime regions
  • the maritime regions have more equitable temperature
  • the continental interiors experience high temperatures
  • greater temperature ranges exist in continental interiors
  • continental interiors experience low temperatures at night
  • continental interiors experience hot temperatures during the day.

The (b) aspect of the question was well answered by the candidates.

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