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Geography Paper 1 ,Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Candidates Weakness

The following shortcomings were observed in the candidates’ scripts:

(1) Inadequate preparation in the area of map reading and interpretation

Many of the candidates could not properly locate the physical features as required.  Some could not trance the 650ft contour lines and could not draw the cross profile as required.  It is suggested that the candidates start map work early in the course of their study and constantly practice map reading and interpretation in order to master the art.

(2).Incomplete coverage of the syllabus

It is evident that some aspects of the syllabus were not studied by some candidates, especially surveying and map work.

Schools are expected to cover all the aspects of the syllabus before the examination and candidates are to do extra reading to ensure adequate coverage of their work.

(3) Poor expression

Some candidates’ scripts contained spelling mistakes and poor expression. 

Candidates can improve their grammar by reading textbooks, newspapers, journals and periodicals to develop their vocabulary.

(4)Scanty explanation of points

Most candidates merely listed points and did not explain them which led to loss of precious marks.

It is advisable that candidates explain their points well and use diagrams to illustrate their answers where necessary in order to obtain full marks.

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