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Geography Paper 2 , Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Question 5

(a)Draw an outline map of Nigeria.

On the map, show and name:

  • one country to the eastern border;
  • one country to the northern border;
      Kainji Lake;
  • the Atlantic Ocean.

(b)Describe the location and size of Nigeria in relation to other West African countries.


This question was not popular among the candidates.  Many of the candidates who answered the question drew poor maps.  Also some of the candidates just quoted the longitude and latitude of Nigeria without specifying the stretch as they described the location of Nigeria.  The expected answers on the location of Nigeria include:

Location of Nigeria
  • between latitude 4oN and 14oN
  • between longitude 3oE and 15oE
  • latitudinal extent is 10o
  • longitudinal extent is 12o
  • bounded in the East by Cameroon
  • bounded in the South by the Atlantic Ocean
  • bounded in the North by Niger Republic
  • bounded in the West by Benin Republic
  • marks the eastern border of West Africa.
Size of Nigeria
  • total area of 923,768 square kilometres
  • distance from east to west is approximately 1300 kilometres
  • distance from north to south is approximately 1,100 kilometres
  • occupies 1/7th of the total land mass of West Africa
  • four times the size of Ghana
  • thirteen times as large as Sierra Leone
  • most populous country in West Africa
  • 4th largest country in West Africa.
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