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Geography Paper 2 , Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Question 6

(a)Draw an outline map of Nigeria.

On the map, show and name:

  • One area of lumbering;
  • One town in the area shown in 6(a)(i) above.

(b)Describe how lumbering is carried out in Nigeria.

(c)Highlight any four uses of timber in Nigeria.


Few candidates answered this question.  The candidates performed poorly in map work.   Some could not properly describe how lumbering is carried out in Nigeria.  The expected answers are:

  • lumbering is carried out by individuals and private companies
  • individuals who act as agents provide hired facilities like timber hauling vehicles and labour
  • the economically valuable species are first identified for harvesting
  • access roads are created to the sites
  • to fell the trees, a wooden platform, some 3- 5 m high is constructed where the lumberman can stand to reach the narrow portion of the base of the trees
  • the trees are felled using power saws/axes
  • the power saw is used to lob off the branches of trees and cut the trunks into convenient lengths
  •  squared and hauled by special cranes and tractors to nearby rivers, road, etc.
  • the timber is transported to ports (mainly Warri or Calabar) for export or is taken to sawmill for processing

The candidates were able to give correct answers to the uses of timber except that many of the candidates merely listed their points without giving adequate explanations

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