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Geography Paper 2 , Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Question 7

(a)Draw an outline map of Africa.

On the map, show and name:

  • the Equatorial Climatic region;
  • the Hot Desert region;
  • one town each in the climatic regions in 7(a)(i) and (ii) above.

(b)Describe the characteristics of the two climatic types shown in 7(a) above.


This question was not popular among the candidates.  Most candidates who attempted the question could not draw the map of Africa correctly.  They also found it difficult to locate the Equatorial climatic region, the Hot Desert climatic region and a town each in Equatorial and Desert climatic regions.  It is advised that candidates practice the art of map drawing constantly so that they will master the art.

Some of the candidates found it difficult to describe the characteristics of the Desert region.  The characteristics of the Desert region are:

  • hot and dry all the year round
  • rainfall is less than 250 mm per annum
  • daily range of temperatures are high (over 20oC)
  • winds are very dry and dusty
  • rainfall is stormy and short lived
  • high rate of evaporation
  •  low relative humidity under 40%
  • very clear skies always
  • areas of climatic extremes
  • constant high temperatures (30oC – 60oC)
  • influenced by cold currents causing aridity.
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