Geography Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2016

Question 3

  1.    Explain five reasons why the production of consumer goods is common in  
  2.    developing countries.

  3.    Outline five factors which influence industrial location.

This question was popularly answered by the candidates and the majority of those who attempted it performed well in the (b)  aspect.  In the (a) aspect, some performed poorly because it required thinking in order to secure the right responses.  The reasons for which the production of consumer goods is common in developing countries are:
-           inadequate capital/less capital intensive 
-           requires limited power supply
            -           high demand for consumer goods
            -           availability of unskilled labour
            -           inadequate skilled labour
            -           availability good transport network
            -           availability of  local raw materials
            -           low level of technology
            -           need to conserve foreign exchange
            -           little space and land requirement