Geography Paper 2 WASSCE (SC), 2016

Question 4

  1. Draw a sketch map of Nigeria.
  2.  on the map, locate and name:
    (i)   Owerri, Ibadan and Birnin Kebbi;         
    (ii)    Cross River and Fadama Plains of River Sokoto.

    (b)     Outline four factors that encourage tourism in Nigeria.

  3.    Highlight three problems hindering tourism in Nigeria.

This question was popular among the candidates but the (a) component of the question which was on map work was poorly answered.  Some of the candidates could not also outline the factors that encourage tourism in Nigeria.  These factors include:
            -           favourable climate
            -           beautiful sceneries e.g.  sandy beaches, caves, etc
            -           relative political stability
            -           interesting culture/festivals
            -           wildlife
            -           nature reserves
            -           historical monuments/sites
            -           hospitality of the people
            -           publicity
            -           relative security
            -           hotels of international standard
            -           availability of capital
            -           outstanding man-made features e.g. Kainji Dam, National Theatre, National Parks, etc
            -           availability good transport network
            -           availability of communication network
            -           appreciation of leisure
            -           favourable government policy
            -           need to earn foreign exchange

The problems hindering tourism in Nigeria include:

            -           inadequate accommodation
-           inadequate capital/funding
-           heavy tax on tourism entrepreneurs
-           low patronage
-           poor sanitation
-           poor transportation network
-           competition from sister countries
-           insecurity/political problems
-           inadequate publicity/awareness
-           limited holiday centres
-           inability to explore and develop new tourist attractions/destinations
-           poor quality services
-           easy spread of diseases
-           low income level
-           limited local entrepreneurship
-           poor management
-           inconsistent government policies
-           poor infrastructure/social amenities
-           negative reportage
-           inefficient communication network
-           high cost of services/inflation
-           deforestation
-           bush burning