Health Science Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments


Candidates showed improvement in their ability to:
(1) write on their own without copying of scripts;
(2)  use of tenses and grammar correctly than previous years;
(3) locate parts of the diagram labelled;
(4) state functions of the parts labelled in human teeth;
(5) mention diseases that could affect the growth and development of the teeth;
(6) state ways of caring for the teeth in humans;
(7) define air-borne disease;
(8) state conditions in humans that requires First Aid;
(9) mention classes of communicable diseases;
(10) define mode of transmission, signs and symptoms of a disease;
(11) name types of taste that are detected by tongue;
(12)   name types of nerve cell responsible for transmitting voluntary impulse;
(13) state instances when an individual may be disallowed from donating blood.

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